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For now, our service is in beta testing. Only selected customers can use our service!

From WinNMP to Linux

Benefit from the same straightforward approach of WinNMP development stack for Windows on our Linux Managed Nginx hosting servers


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  • Managed Linux Servers - you can forget about server maintenance, configuration, backups updates, security issues, we`re taking care of everything, so you could focus on your project.
  • Fast and secure servers - built around Nginx, our server stack is configured for maximum speed and efficiency.
  • Shared or Reserved - you could choose from a shared hosting server, or a reserved server, used only by you but managed by us. Shared servers are configured with paranoid security, so users cannot access each other`s resources.
  • Straightforward Control Panel - our Control Panel is lightweight and intuitive. You can manage multiple hosting boxes from one place.
  • For all PHP Developers - Suitable for beginners or experts. Lazy developers will enjoy our time-saving installers, notifications and tools.

Server Stack

  • Nginx + MariaDB + PHP 5.6 - Configured to support most PHP frameworks.
  • ClamAV antivirus + Firewall + Rootkit Hunter
  • Jailed user accounts, Separate PHP-FPM workers for each user
  • No SSH, No Shell - for all user's security, shell access is disabled. Most of the tasks that you would have normally done trough shell access, could be completed using the Control Panel
  • SFTP Only, No FTP - You can access your files only using a SFTP client, since this is the most secure way
  • No direct access to nginx.conf, php.ini, hosts file, etc, to avoid any problems and confusion. All options could be set trough the Control Panel.
  • Automatic Backups

Hosting Box Features

We call your hosting account a Hosting Box. With a hosting box, you can:

  • Park a domain with multiple aliases
  • Host your PHP Application
  • Create multiple Databases
  • Set up Cron Jobs
  • Create multiple email accounts with aliases and forwards, optionally with address book and calendar
  • Access or Sync email accounts trough WebMail or IMAP or POP3 or ActiveSync
  • Download automatic backups


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